Meeting Dashboard

When you successfully login to the BoardPAC Application, the very first screen displayed is the dashboard which consists of the list of meetings and circulars.

Meeting Agenda

Once the meeting is selected the meeting agenda you will see the meeting agenda.

Participant List

You can view the meeting participant list in the sliding panel.

Calendar View

You can view the twelve month’s calendar of meetings.

View, Annotate & Share

In addition to viewing the document you are able to annotate on the document and thereafter share annotated documents with other meeting participants.

Paper Approvals

You are able to carry out voting, approval reject decisions directly from the iPad. This is especially useful for circulars.

Sharing comments with participants

You can easily share comments with other participants and organizers. All participants or any selected participants can be selected as recipients.

Archive and search past papers

Easy ability to search past papers right from the iPad. The user friendly search is able to search by keyword, date, meeting category etc..