BoardPAC CEO represents women entrepreneurs in business in Sri Lanka at the reception hosted by the U.S. Ambassador for Sri Lanka Hon. Atul Keshap at the Lincoln House in Colombo on the 27th October 2015

The exclusive forum was a gathering to encourage and foster entrepreneurship amongst women in Sri Lanka. Lakmini was selected to participate in a special interview with the ambassador to represent and share her views on entrepreneurship being a woman founder and CEO of a successful business organization in Sri Lanka.

Cathy Russell currently serves as the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues. Prior to assuming this position in August 2013, she served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden focusing on military families and higher education. During her tenure at the White House, Ambassador Russell coordinated the development of the Administration’s strategy to prevent and respond to gender-based violence globally. She previously served as a Senior Advisor to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on international women’s issues. During the Clinton Administration, Russell served as Associate Deputy Attorney General. She has also served as Staff Director of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senior Counsel to Senator Patrick J. Leahy. She received a B.A. in Philosophy from Boston College and a J.D. from George Washington University.

Photo legend : Lakmini Wijesundera CEO of IronOne Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and BoardPAC (Pvt) Ltd with Catherine Russell U.S. Ambassador at Large for Global Women's Issues at the reception hosted by U.S. Ambassador for Sri Lanka Atul Keshap at the Lincoln House on the 27th October 2015

Cathy M Russell